4 Motor 4 Post

As versatile as it gets!

CAPACITY: 12k - 45k

4 Motor 4 Post

4M4P full hoist assembly (20k) Drawing customer preview-01

This Hoist is a great option for accessibility and offers a wide capacity range to accommodate large vessels.  


CAPACITY RANGE: 12k lb. – 45k lb. 
SPEED: 480:1 or 600:1 gearbox
MOTORS: 3/4 hp – 2 hp
ACCESIBILITY: This hoist offers great accessibility to the watercraft at the transom,
or sides.

VERTICAL TRAVEL: This 4 motor – 4 pile foundation system can be set low just above the dock or seawall for a sleek, clean look. It can be set at any height above the dock / seawall for maximum vertical lift for areas that experience rough water conditions.

* Steel foundation only

unmatched versatility

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KBE Hoist can fabricate anything from custom thru-flow decking, mountable stairs and custom pilemount covers. If you can dream it we can build it!