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Specific Product Details On The Pilemount Hoist



We Lead The Competition With Our 4 Grease-able Bearing Wind Tube Construction, Makeing this One Of The Most Durable Hoists In the Market Today.


The Pilemount Hoist Is The Most Popular In Our Line-up, Which Has Helped To Fuel Improvements And Lower The Price Point.

Low Maintenance

Use Of The E-Drive Gear System Greatly Reduces The Amount Of Maintenance Required. No More Worries About Slipping Belts Or Back Drift With This Fully Enclosed Worm Gear Reduction System.

Capacity Range

The Superior Strenght And Durability Of The Pilemount Hoist Allows For A Wide Range Of Lifting Capacities To Be Offered 6-16K LBS, We Have It Covered.


General information.

A Short List of Additional Information To help You Decide On The Right Hoist


  • Designed and engineered for years of reliable service
  • Manufactured and assembled in New Baltimore Michigan
  • Single control operation (optional remote control)
  • Isolation control toggle for leveling of front and rear cradle
  • Designed to easily adapt to most boat well situations / cut-in wells
  • Adjustable cradle system – V-pads or Beam Rails option
  • PVC covered cradle bumper
  • Lifts boat above rough or high water conditions
  • Fast lifting speed
  • 6,000 lb to 12,000 lb lift capacity
  • Our engineering staff can design any hoist systems to meet your exact lifting needs
  • We can accommodate condominium rules and regulations
  • 2 Year warranty parts and labor
  • Prices starting at $5,000
  • !!! All Hoists Require Suitable Foundation And Installation, This Cost Is Not Included In These Prices !!!




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