Our History
KBE Hoist evolved as an offshoot to our parent company KBE Precision Products.
Early on in our development as a fabrication company home owners and marine contractors in our local area often came to us looking to see if we were able to replicate parts for their boat hoists. Some of these parts had been damaged due to various circumstances or had just worn out after years of service. KBE Precision Products is a fully equiped welding and fabrication company and we were happy to help. Through the years these requests came more and more often as word of mouth spread, and KBE started to build and stock some of the more popular componets for our customers. Eventually people started coming to us looking for new boat hoists, not just parts. That is when KBE Hoist was formed. Working with a local engineer we set out to study every hoist we could, to find out where improvements could be made. We took this information and incorporated it into our own hoist designs. Today KBE Hoist offers a variety of hoist styles in various capacities. We also design and build custom hoist for those who have any unique needs. All built with the very best materials right here in New Baltimore, MI.
KBE Precision Products, LLC
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